Thursday, December 01, 2005

Meditations on Christmas

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I don't particularly like the cold, but I do love the lights, Christmas music, and time to see family. In light of the many things that I have been learning in my life, I have been in awe of the birth of Christ. As I've listened to Christmas music, there have been a few times I have cried as I have thought of the spectacular event that took place so many many years ago as well as thinking of those who were privilaged to celebrate this most wonderful birth.
Now thousands of years later, we rejoice in the birth of Christ. We celebrate it with almost a hint of hypocracy for our rejoicing often is the rejoicing of the gifts we recieve each year. As I spend time creating gifts for my family, I hope that they take great pleasure in my efforts, but I hope even more than that that my small token of my love for them will bring into remembrance the greatest Gift of all and the greatest token of love-Jesus Christ.
I have been listening to Selah's "Rose of Bethlehem" cd. On it is a song titled "Mystery". It is a really neat song talking about Christ's birth and how it's a mystery and yet even greater still that it was God's plan and will for Christ to die. I've been studying alot about mysteries of God. I don't understand so many things about Him and yet I am so grateful that He is who He is and that I don't need to understand~ just be grateful. I am grateful for His birth, but even more grateful for His death and resurrection. Yet, without each event, I could not have the hope of standing before Almighty God and know that I am right with Him through His Son. What an awesome mystery and a reason for great rejoicing and celebration.