Friday, December 22, 2006

I just love Christmas time!!! How grateful I am that the Lord of Heaven and Earth was born as a babe and willingly gave His life to pay for my sin! I am so grateful that He fulfilled the purpose ordained for Him for the honor and glory of His name!!! As we finish this year out, there are some things I am incredibly grateful for and desire to praise the Lord for:
Praise the Lord Andy completed his last semester of college!!!! What a blessing...long time in comming it seems. He has worked so hard and I am so grateful for the grace the Lord poured out on Andy as he completed school!!! Congratulations, my dear!
Praise the Lord for the beautiful daughers the Lord has blessed us with. Ariana is 4 and has just been a huge help and encouragement to me. She has a desire to please and we are praying that she will desire the Lord and want to please Him. Pray for her heart to be tender to Him and to trust Him to save her. Lillian is a sweetheart and I can't believe how the Lord has worked in her life. I am completely amazed that she is here and healthy. She is rather stubborn, but we hope to curve it to more useful things

Praise the Lord for the addition of a little boy into our family. I must admit that this entire year was a test of faith. I didn't know what the Lord would have in store for us...and I am constantly learning that He holds each one of my children's lives and I need to joyfully surrender them to Him everyday! Ethan is a great joy and a testimony to me that we truly don't know what He has in store for us. He is 3 months today and rolling over like a pro. He seems soooo little! How blessed we are to have such a healthy baby!!!!!

Praise the Lord for growing me and teaching me more of the desire He has for His glory and for the honor of His name. I am seeking to make it my daily prayer that I will glorify His name even as Jesus Christ did. I am also learning and seeking to bring Him glory in my daily duty's of caring for my husband and children. He has given me such a big responsibility and I pray that He will give me His strength and grace that I my glorify Him.
As you celebrate the Son's birth, I pray that you will be able to see Him working in your lives and in your families and that you can glorify Him for the great things He has done!!!!
Merry Christmas from the Petz Family!