Saturday, April 12, 2008


A week ago was a day of rejoicing and sorrow for me. Rejoicing with
  • my sister in law who delivered a healthy baby boy! We were sooo anxious and excited to meet this little one! It was such a fun day of rejoicing.
    After we returned home from seeing little Josiah, I checked on the
  • website of a family whom I have been praying for for quite a few months. I was grieved to read that little Ethan went home to be with the Lord that morning. I wept for this family and the loss of such a sweet and precious boy. Today is the rememberance Ethan's homegoing and I would appreciate the prayers of any and all who read who will think of Ethan's parents, Ben and Becky, and the family who awaits to be joined again with him one day in heaven.

  • The birth of Josiah and the homegoing of Ethan has been a reminder to me of the soverignty of the Lord in all of life. He holds each one in His hand and He knows the days of our lives. (Ps. 139) I am so grateful and humbled to know that He holds my life and my children's life and no matter how I try to hold on tightly to them, everything is out of my hands because they really aren't mine- they are His! I am continually reminded to daily surrender my husband and children to the Lord to be used for Him and to be completely His.
    For a short update about me, I am currently 33 weeks pregnant! Yeah! We are looking forward to little Ioan's arrival here very very soon! I didn't go to my due date with my last pregnancy due to my complicated OB history and don't know if they will consider letting me go til I go. (I have never gone into labor on my own. I have always been induced or c-section) Being I will be a VBAC (providing this baby turns), I am somewhat more comfortable with the thought of induction so they can watch me closely. But, the Lord knows and hopefully within the next 4-7 weeks we will meet this precious baby!

    (Just a note. I am incredibly computer unsaavy and don't know how to do much so hopefully my links arn't too silly looking!!!)