Friday, December 14, 2007

Pregnancy Update #4

Wednesday, I had an ultrasound at the early hour of 8am. I admit...I've decided that early appointments are not for me..especially when we have all the highway traffic going through our small little town. However, the ultrasound went good. My cervical length was great and baby looked good. We weren't able to see the gender of the baby, so baby is still baby for now. It was sooo cute...our precious child had its hand up by its face and you could see the small and sooo perfect. I was very relieved to see/hear the heart beating (although, I was sooo tired I can't remember what the heartrate was.)
The only negative news was the weight loss (which most women would be happy to hear about!) However, my doctor is concerned with my continual weight loss. I am finally over morning sickness, but my appetite has still not returned. I was told to eat more frequently and help my tummy get back to its original size as due to morning sickness it's probably shrunk. I am working on my attitude toward this, as I am not hungry often, and don't have an appetite. I know it's important for our baby, and I am going to try hard to do better.
I am still praying that the Lord will give me a peace and excitement for this pregnancy. I am happy to have another child, but I am still guarded in the sense that I don't want to get attached and then to lose the baby. WE have now passed the time when we lost Nathan, so I have no reason to be concerned, but I am still fearful in some ways. I know that God has this little one in His hand, but getting it from my head to my heart is a bit of a challange for me. I know He has my good in making me like Jesus and His glory in mind, and I am trying to remember that no matter what happens, these things must be at the forefront of my mind.
Our next view is January 9th, and hopefully we will find out whether we will have another girl, or another boy. I love preparing for the next baby, and I know that will boost my spirits. Until then, I have two friends awaiting the arrival of their babies any day now, and I am excited and anxious to see their waiting fulfilled! And I can't wait to hold a tiny baby again!