Friday, September 21, 2007


Wow! I can't believe the time of year we are at. Today is the 50th wedding anniversary of my grandparents. I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing they are to me. They pray for me, encourage me, and live out a life that is submissive to the Lord's and the Love each other sooooo much! I hope Andy and I are that much in love when we celebrate our 50 years...if the Lord blesses us with that much time with each other! I hope so!
Then, tomorrow...tomorrow, my baby turns 1. I can't believe a year ago I was getting ready to go to the hospital the next morning to have this precious baby! I am amazed that the Lord gave me such a precious child and that He allowed Ethan to have a normal delivery, a great birth...and Ethan was my first baby to actually stay with me after he was born. I've always had my babies taken away because of I actually got to keep my baby with me! Not only that, but my mom, grandma and sister were with me and were able to encourage me while I delivered him and witness what was a miracle to me! I am amazed and astounded by the grace and mercy the Lord poured out on us as we carried and delivered this babe! Now the Lord has graciously given a year with Him. I am humbled and amazed at the greatness and mercy of our God!
I was so blessed by the Lord yesterday as I spent time with my sister, Julie, yester day at "Mom's Morning" at her church. I have so enjoyed the time with her as well as fellowshipping with other ladies. It has been a time for me to be refreshed and encouraged. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed with the busyness of life...and I need encouragement. This is a place where I am GREATLY encouraged. Anyway, they talked about how we need to stand on the knowledge that who we are is based on Christ...we are in Christ if we know the Lord. He sees Christ not our failings and shortcommings. That is again something I have been seeking to focus on. How grateful I am that God's perspective on me is the perspective of seeing Christ!!! How freeing! Praise the Lord! That is the basis of seeking to bring Him glory and honor...not the fear of being cast away...for when we are His nothing can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus! Praise Him!
God is good...God is we enter this weekend, I pray that these celebrations I will focus on His wonderousness in each of these joys. I pray that you will too!

"Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Let the earth hear His voice!
Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Let the people rejoice!
O Come to the Father through Jesus the Son
And give Him the glory great things He hath done!"
~ From " To God be the Glory" by Fanney Crosby

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Tina Bacon said...

You have such a beautiful heart for the Lord, do not ever lose that. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.