Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Counting Down the Days

Yes, if you've noticed my sidebar, I am nearing the end of what has been a very uneventful pregnancy thus far! I am so grateful to the Lord for the good pregnancy He's allowed me to have and I am anxious to see what He is going to do through the labor and delivery of this little one! We have until next Thursday to go on our own, and then Thursday morning, we will have an induction! So, next week, Ioan will join our family and we will see what he looks like!!! I am soooo excited for his arrival.
These last few weeks have been uncomfortable, but I must say filled with fun and excitement! We never have a dull moment in our home. Our washer is currently out of commission, so I've had opportunities to visit others to do my laundry (Thanks Julie!). We've had soccer games and practices, babies to cuddle, and family come to visit for a shower that a friend gave me. It was so nice to relax with friends and family and to anticipate Ioan comming. I recieved some nice things which I really appreciated because Ioan is comming in a different season than Ethan, so I have been in need of some things. It sure was fun and such an encouragement to me.
Well, I have more I could write, but I have a headache and am tired. I hopefully will write again before Ioan's arrival, if not, next will be fun news!!!!

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Holly said...

I see that your litte one arrived on May 22!

Congratulations, I hope that you and he are doing well!