Friday, October 05, 2012


Usually when I write about feeling overwhelmed, it is because of the crazy household the Lord has given me to steward for His glory. Today, I am overwhelmed with this: "I am His and He is mine". My mind and thoughts keep saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I have been praying for months for the Spirit to make Jesus real to my moments each day. And, OH, has the Spirit ever been faithful. In my failings, He keeps whispering to my heart words of Scripture and brings the love and comforts of Jesus before me. I remember days when I would cry to God because I saw what a failure I was in the Christian life. For the last 4 years, God has been peeling back the layer of self-reliance, shame,and pride that I shielded myself with and has been replacing it with the Love of God. It makes Scriptures like Ephesians 3 where Paul prays the church in Ephesus would be able to comprehend with all the saints the love of Jesus- so rich and free- so beyond what we can ask or think- ever precious to me. And stirs me to pray the same for my children, family, friends, church. I am beginning to see more in Scripture that Paul pointed people to Jesus..not doing more to be Spiritual. I think that is why the Gospel permeates the introductions to the churches. What greater evidence of love?!? What greater motivator? To know that Love of Jesus- the love that casts out fear, that forgives our multiple and ever growing list of sins, the love that drove Jesus to sacrifice His life for me. This same love should motivate me to love in return. To sacrifice myself. To cry out, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Yes, I am overwhelmed today. Not with the craziness of today (although it's crazy! :) ). But overwhelmed with the truth that I am Jesus' and He is mine! Amazing!

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