Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back from Christmas "Break"

I have not written in soooooo long due to the season we just passed. I crazily decided to make many of the gifts this Christmas...and many were quilts. With sick children, finishing up college semester for my hubby, and just many things to do, I am afraid that the blog took the burner that never got turned on. :) However, I hope to put some more time and thought into this little project I have.
I did finish my book,"Desiring God" and was greatly encouraged by the thoughts contained within it's pages. I have much I am thinking and meditating on...maybe it will come out in some posts. I did recieve more books for Christmas which are on my "To Read" list. I have started a neat book from one of my all time favorite authors (Elizabeth George) entitled "A Mom After God's Own Heart" which I am currently enjoying. I have more books to read after that...and after recieving more books...I used a gift certificate I had for CBD and purchased some more books. I am a book lover...that anyone who knows me can attest to.
We have only a few more days until my husband begins another semester of school. I am not looking forward to this time as he is tackleing 18 credit hours this semester. Between that and working 45+ hours per week, we may not see much of him. I hope I can stay sane!!! I am one of those women who could have their husband around 24/7 and never get tired of having him around. I don't like him away. However, I know that this "season" of life will soon be over and I can't wait to see what the Lord has for us once school is done.
Well...enough rambling on. I hope to write again real soon.

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Jenna said...

I really loved it when my husband was in school. He had to study a lot when he was home and couldn't "hang out" with me...but he was there. It made our tiny (and I mean TINY!) apartment so cozy.

Glad to have you posting!