Thursday, January 26, 2006

Joy Mixed with Fear

Those of you who read my blog know my passion for children and the sorrow of the losses that I have experienced. I have been quite busy this week because last weekend we found we are expecting again! Now, while I am so excited that we are blessed again with the hope of a new baby, I have also felt quite fearful. I have found my prayers have turned often selfish with an apology afterward for my selfishness and lack of trust in the LORD's goodness. I desire to trust the LORD and yet in my flesh, I fail. When I am pregnant, my favorite book to read is the Psalms, because I am reminded of God's character and yet I can see the Psalmist understanding my thoughts. So, my goal is to memorize some Scriptures to help "Calm my anxious heart" (to quote one of my favorite books by Linda Dillow. I know that God's Word brings comfort and peace. But I also covet the prayers of the saints on our behalf. I desire to have God's will fulfilled in my life and I want to trust Him unreservedly, but I find that it is difficult without the help of the LORD. So, I ask each of you who happen to read this little blog, to pray for me that I will trust the gracious and loving Hand of God, no matter what happens. And I am also going to ask that as the Lord would stir His Word in your heart, that you would share some Scriptures with me that I may be encouraged.
So, now we wait and watch for the Lord to work! And in the mean time praise the LORD for the goodness of blessing us with another child!!!! Praise be His Glorious Name!!!!!!

Aside note: I also love hymns and am always encouraged. If you have a hymn or song to share...that would be great too!!!! Thanks.


dayna said...

The lord just put this one on my mind today....

When peace like a river attendedeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll whatever my lot thou has taught me to say it is well it is well with my soul

My sin oh the bliss of this glorious thought my sin not in part but hte whole is nailed to the cross and I bear it no more praise the lord praise the lord oh my soul.

And lord haste the day when my faith shall be sight the clouds be rolled back as a scroll the rump shall resound and the lord shall descend even so it is well with my soul

dayna said...

great is thy faithfulness oh God my father there is no shadow of turning with thee thou changest not thy compassions they fail not As thou hast been thou forever will be
great is thy faithfulness great is thy faithfulness morning by morning new mercies I see all I have needed thy hand hath provided great is thy faithfulness lord unto me