Friday, March 03, 2006

In Loving Memory of Nathan Joel

Today I reached a milestone that 5 and a half months ago seemed like ages away. Today is Nathan's due date. Unfortunately, I am sick today and feeling very terrible, and I guess that's okay, because I am missing our son. I wonder what He would have looked like and what he would have weighed...but what if's are not what God desires us to focus on. We are to press on toward the mark, no matter what trials come our way, so that we can finish the race of life hearing God's "well done." So, today I am thankful for the child the Lord blessed us with and am praising Him for what He has taught me throughout the last few months and look forward to what else He has to teach me until I meet my son in Heaven.


Jessica said...


I found your blog through the comments that were posted on Crystal's blog ("Save the Kittens"). I was drawn to the beautiful photo of the house. Is that your house???

This is such a beautiful post. Something that you included reminded me of something my husband has said in the past: "We cannot live our life based upon 'what ifs' "

That has always stuck with me and it has been so helpful!

Nice to meet you!

Watered Spring said...

Hello! Nice to meet you too. I am not computer literate, but I am learning :). And yes, the house is our home which the Lord graciously provided for us in the end of last year...thank you for the compliment.
Thanks for stopping by!

Roberta said...

What a tender day. I pray God will strengthen you and comfort you as you grieve. I can empathize as today I was reminded that we are *missing someone* when I said to our new baby "Your brothers and sisters". Yet on this earth he has "a brother and sisters". It's a little thing, yet the little things can catch you off-guard sometimes. I find it helpful to cry during the bitter-sweet and sad moments.
God is faithful.
You will be in my prayers during these precious months of pregnancy.
God's Blessings~
Roberta :)

ReneeM said...

hey there.. I would like to write more later... I had preemie twins at 25 weeks gestation, one died after 7 weeks in hospital, the other came home after 14 weeks, and I had a cerclage for my next pregnancy... which has its own story... SO thinking of you and pryaing!

Watered Spring said...

Renee, thanks for stopping by. I could use all the advice and encouragement I can get especially with others who have had a cerclage. I have soooo much to go through still until I get to see the "other doctor", so I have tests this week, and then, Lord willing, I will see the doctor the end of this week or next (as I will be 13 next week and they want to do it between 13 adn 14). So, please pray and I would love to hear your story and experience sometime.