Saturday, July 29, 2006

Busy Preparations

This has been a good and busy week. Andy is still working days and will be doing so again next week. It's kindof funny how you long for one thing and when you get it, it's not as nice as you thought it would be. That's how we feel about days. Maybe when he's done with school, our perspective on it will change a bit, but for now with all my dr's appointments and other various tasks, it's challenging to have him on days. I am so thankful for all the help others have given from watching the kids to letting me use a vehicle so I can get all my errands done.

I was able to have a lady that I have spoken to only a few times over this week and I really enjoyed my conversations with her. She has 5 children and just had their first girl. It was really nice to chat with her and I am hoping to get to know her better as I know she will be a great encouragement.

I think I may be losing some weight, or atleast some fat, on my new "diet". I haven't followed it completely and my levels have been well below where they need to be so that is encourageing. Ethan is growing and I can feel him moving often although the movements are more strong and definitive and really rarely the 'flutter' of light movement. I must say I am getting very anxious to meet this little guy and yet praying that he continues to stay put. We are a week past when Lillian was born, so I feel like every week is an added blessing. I see the Dr. on Monday and am excited to see what their thoughts are concerning the rest of this pregnancy. I know that they will be watching me weekly but as far as the rest of their plans for me, I don't know. I have begun to pray more for a normal delivery and would love to do a VBAC. Please pray for me that I will be accepting of whatever delivery God has planned for me and that if it's a c-section or VBAC that I will be able to be a shining testimony of His glory.

I have begun reading through Psalms. I like to meditate on them as delivery gets closer. They are packed full with God-ward thoughts and I desire to have those thoughts permiate my mind. I meditated Psalm 2 one day this week, and I think that it is so amazing to think that God is in control of the nations!!!! His power and plan will prevail for the nations of the world. That had me think of how amazing and awesome it is that not only does God care for the nations, but He cares for me as His child. His plans for me will prevail no matter what!!! What a promise from the Lord....I must admit....I can't wait to see what His plans for me are.

I have also begun to prepare Ariana's school for 3 months. I want to be ready so we can begin shortly after Ethan is born. I can't believe that I am doing school with my oldest. Granted it is only pre-school, but I can't believe how big she is getting. As I prepare for this, I have been praying that not only will she learn skills to aid in her life, but that she will trust Christ as her Saviour and be a shining example of a godly woman to the world around her. It is a daunting task when I think about it, but I pray that it won't be me building her life, but that it will be the Lord through me. Pray that things fall together quickly for school so that we won't be bogged down with school stuff but will be able to enjoy Ethan as well.

How grateful I am that God is enthroned above. It makes the uncertainty of future things not so scary when I remember who is in control!!!! I hope that I never forget that.

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Kristy said...

thank you for this wonderful update! it has left me inspried and, well, with a sense of calm. lately i have been too caught up in the "flutter" of things (we also will be starting to school our eldest in preschool this fall) and have found myself fretting more than trsuting and relaxing...thank you for your wonderful quiet spirit and reminding me to get grounded in the Word...that is always my first mistake, and first step toward fear! ((hugs)) to you and your family!