Thursday, February 15, 2007

More on Rest

Sickness has sapped the energy from my sweet Ana, and she lookes sooo sick and unrested. Please pray for her to get over this nasty flu bug!!!
The snow here is beautiful today...sun shining and glistening on the snow. Lillybug enjoyed the snow with our sweet neighbor girl. I know she had a great time. Ethan and I have cuddled some, although not as much as we did last week when he was cutting his first two teeth. I can't believe my baby has teeth!!! He is growing and changing fast. Time definitely goes by so fast!!!
Meditating on Hebrews has me thinking alot on Rest these days (especially since I feel like I don't always get alot of rest). There is alot of repetition on not entering God's rest if we've hardened our hearts. This passage has me thinking alot on the rest that we have in our Salvation. We believed and therefore have entered into the "rest of God". I think we try to earn our salvation and there is great rest in knowing Christ has completed the work of the cross making it possible for us to have peace with God. What rest there is when we realize it is not about us working to earn God's favor, but rather resting in what Christ has done on the cross and knowing His work has brought about God's favor on us. God is daily calling people to His rest. He says TODAY to enter His rest...not tomorrow...not a month from now...but TODAY. And yet, so many are still striving to earn favor with God. I am so thankful to know that I have this "rest" that is spoken of, but I know there is more "rest" that comes from God. There is the "rest" we have from drawing strength from Him each day. Rest given us we are pierced by the Word of the Lord as our hearts are "naked and exposed" to His eyes, He the righteous judge. Rest that comes from holding our faith knowing we have a great High Priest in Jesus Christ who understands our weaknesses and brings our cries before the Father. Rest in knowing I can lay everything at His throne and know that grace and mercy is there for each moment of need that I have. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for REST. Rest this moment, this hour, this day, and for all eternity!!!!
Do you have His rest today????

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