Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pregnancy Update Number 1

Tomorrow is 6 weeks. I can't believe it. Two weeks ago, I found out we were expecting. Last week, I had 2 blood draws to check my hcg levels. They were going up and everything looked good. This week I had an ultrasound and we saw a gesttional sac that measured according to my dates. Then I had another blood draw today and it was very very good. I am starting to get excited a bit about the prospect of baby #4 (baby # 7 with my miscarriages...which I cannot discount). I must admit, I have been somewhat struggling with that thought. First I was seriously worried about losing this baby. I am working on controling my thought process and meditating on what is true as well as the character of God. Then I have had discouragement with my children. We've had much creativity lately in the form of lipstick on new quilt, perminate marker on my dressers, and the most exciting- Lillian's new do started by her handiwork and fixed by Daddy. It compounded the morning sickness and tiredness...but I must admit I am much better today. I am tired, but I am excited and anxious to see what teh Lord is going to do.
We had a great blessing yesterday that is worth noting. The Lord moved in someone's heart to bring us a meal...and it was a great encouragement to me and much appreciated. I know God is going to do some great things in our family during the next few weeks and months. I can't wait to see what will happen.

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Kimi Harris said...

Congrats! I pray that God will give you peace and joy!

thanks for the comment on my new blog. : )