Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cloth Diapers, illnesses, and Ioan

Things have been crazy our household the last few weeks! After 3 weeks of the flu in January, I was hoping for a healthy February, but that was not the Lord's plan for us. My dear, sweet Lillybug ran a high fever for almost a week and then was fine, but the next week, E-baby ran one will the chills while visiting my family in Michigan. We cut the visit short and took him in to the doctor's at home and he had a throat infection. Last week, Ana-bee was diagnosed with strep and Lillybug was diagnosed with the same 2 days later. So, while we spend time preparing for Lillybug's first official birthday (one of the perks of being born on leap-year), we are catching up on school and recovering from busy, sick weeks.
Added to our fun, I've been trying out cloth diapering. I know this is going to sound so weird, but I really like it! I am working on figuring out how to keep my diapers bright and stain free, but overall I like it. I have a few bumgenius diapers that I really like, but just did prefolds yesterday and must admit...I dont' care for them. They are bulky and make E-baby look 3x rounder in the bum and waist which I am not crazy about. The prefolds did hold up better at night (no leaking with them, but I did have leaking with bumGenius),but for the day and nap, bumGenius is great! So, I have found more I would love to try, and the nice thing is I'm not doing this dearest Julie is doing it with me too (although, with her baby due in 6 weeks or less, she probably feels the need to find what will work best more than me!) I am looking forward to continuing my cloth diapering and providing nice things for my children, and helping save some money.
Ioan is doing well. I am currently 26 weeks 5 days pregnant and am feeling him punch my side at the moment. In the midst of reading and hearing of other's losses in the last few weeks, my heart weeps with them for I have experienced loss more times than I would have liked and yet within me I carry what to me is the hope that the Lord will once again bless our family with a child. For me, losing my other children have been testimony's of God's soverignty and faithfulness to me and my miracles are reminders that in His time He gives the best! As much as I would have loved to carry my babies to term and be enjoying them now, I would not know the blessing of our second daughter or first-born son. But losses are difficult in many ways, because I am expecting our fourth live birth, but this is my seventh pregnancy. I am expecting our second born son, but really this is my third son. It's hard, because I don't want to discount these babies but it is hard when someone asks is this your fourth. I want to shout-no, it's my seventh, but three are gone, but then you get the I'm sorry looks and I want joy over this little one. So, Ioan William (the official baby name) is very anticipated and continues to remind me that there is hope after loss and my track record doesn't indicate what will happen (So far we've had birth-loss-preterm birth-loss-second trimester loss-birth) because it is in my great God's hands. We are counting down the weeks (just over 12 at the most as my history doesn't lend to going to or past my due date) and are anxious and excited over this new life! Please continue to pray for me, I've felt very tired alot and often wonder, how am I going to do four, but I know I wouldn't trade the joy of another baby for anything!


Julie said...

88 days! :)

Holly said...

What a wonderful name for your little one!

You are getting closer! I'll be praying for you! Praying that you will all stay healthy, too, as the time approaches.

p.s. I really, really like the BumGenius. I just have a couple....but plan to add more as I can.