Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Life has been rather busy the last few weeks. We battled illness for almost 3 weeks, but we are all doing better-except for a few coughs here and there. I am starting to feel somewhat better after not getting much sleep~ just a reminder that we will join the non sleeping ranks again in a few short months!
I am really looking forward to having our son. WE have finally decided on the name Ioan (pronounced yo-an) and love praying and talking to him by name. I am praying that he will know what a precious gift of the Lord he is to us! February will be a busy month, celebrating the birth of our friend's baby as well as celebrating our Lillian's fourth birthday! She actually has a birthday this year! Sometimes, I am still in wonder over the miraculous life she has. Though she came 2 and a half months before she should have, she is healthy and doing so well. She is sometimes full of mischief, but she is also such a joy!
I am very much looking forward to time going by quickly and Ioan's arrival to come. Though, I don't want him to come too soon! My sister in law is also due 7 weeks before me, so I am hoping to enjoy her son before I am busy with another baby! Babies have always been a reminder to me of life. Sometimes we are surrounded by death and sorrow, but when one sees a precious baby, we are reminded that there is life and hope- ultimately that can be found only in Jesus. After just celebrating Christmas and seeing new babies, I have been greatly reminded of the hope in Christ. Because he came, because he died, we have the hope of eternity with Him in heaven bringing honor and glory and praise to the Father!!!! How wonderful that great hope!

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The Flick Family said...

Thank you for your kind and supportive comments. I know who you are! :) I remember meeting you at Moriah's party. I appreciate your encouragement. This certainly has been the hardest thing I've had to face. It still is so hard to wrap my mind around and know that it's gone. RIght now it is just day by day, even moment by moment on some days. So thank you!