Friday, January 11, 2008

Ioan or Tristian or Liam...oh my!

Choosing a name for this baby is proving to be a challenge to me. I have pestered my hubby for agreeing to Ioan and he agreed last night. But now I am having second thoughts. So....any votes????

Who likes Ioan (meaning: gift of God)?
Who likes Tristan (meaning: tumult/ loud noise)?
Who likes Liam (meaning: Resolute protector (form of William))?

Help us narrow it down!!!!


Roberta said...

What a blessing, you are having a boy!
Liam is such a gentle sounding name.
The first name is unfamiliar to it Loan or Ioan?
They are unique and I like unique names.
Whichever you choose, I'm sure you will have peace about when he is here, and you see his sweet face and kiss his tiny feet.
God bless~

Roberta said...

ah, I see I...the font changed when I hit publish comment.

Judi said...

Hi there. Congratulations on your baby. As for names, I would politely suggest that you reconsider Ioan, since it is so unfamiliar, and people will be uncertain as to how to pronounce it and spell it. Our little ones have enough challenges in life without having to cope with a name that could cause them problems.

Even if people learn how to pronounce it, they will never remember how to spell it. Be prepared for a lifetime of misspellings on official and unofficial documents, and even on Christmas and birthday cards! I speak from experience, having a daughter with an only slightly unusual name, Kaitlin -- we really boo-booed in giving her a name that is easy to say, but can be spelled dozens of ways, and almost always is spelled the wrong way.

My son's name is Evan, somewhat similar in appearance to Ioan. Evan is Welsh form of the name John. Another version is Ian. Some books say Evan (and Ian and John) mean God is gracious, others say the names mean Warrior. Maybe Evan, Ian, or John would be something to consider since they are similar to Ioan.

I hope you and your husband can find a name you both love.