Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Information on some of my links

I just wanted to make anyone who comes here aware of some of the great resources I've been blessed to locate through various avenues.

~ a great resource for families. It encourages incorperating the Word of God in eveyday life and provides encouragement in fufilling the God-given responsibility of raising children who bring Glory and Honor to Him.

~ Today even movies that are entertaining and have good morals often have things which makes it even more difficult to watch or recommend. If you enjoy a good movie and want to rid yourself of some junk, Clearplay offers a great alternative. Check it out.

Biblical Womanhood
~An awesome encouragement for young women to become the kind of woman that pleases the Lord and brings honor to the headship in her life. Crystal offers encouragement through articles, books, audio, and also in her life's testimony. I have been greatly encouraged and challenged by both her resources and her blog. Make sure to check them out.

WholeHeart Ministries
~I can't even begin to tell you what an encouragement this ministry has been to me as a wife and mother. I read Sally Clarkson in January of last year and soaked up her godly wisdom for the rest of the year as I devoured her books. As a young mother, I have found her encouragement to be pertinant to applying and living out God's Word. I had the privilage of hearing her as well as meeting her at a homeschooling conference in October of 2004. Her family is a testimony to God's great grace and what can happen to a family that surrenders to Him. Take time to check their website out.

Ladies Against Feminism
~In a world where feminism filtrates every aspect of life, including the church, there is a need for women to encourage other women in following the Biblical roles set forth in Scripture. This place offers encouragement as well as seeks to unveil the deceptions modern feminists make. I have found great encouragement here.

Vision Forum
~Here is a website with a God focused vision. I have been greatly encouraged and challenged by this minstry as well as by their cry for Biblical vision and daily living out God's commands. They offer great resources for families.

I hope you will take time to check out some of these great websites. They will offer encouragemnt to you as you journey Heavenward.

note: I want you to know that I tried to link to the websites in my post, but I am afraid I am computer illiterate and am just learning how to do this. Make sure you use the links on the sidebar. Thank you.

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